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Written by on April 21, 2018

For years I have been involved in different aspects of RADIO production and operations. Radio and music is my great passion! I used to create music in my younger years. With time I decided to focus on music promotion. On the other hand I have always been fascinated by music equipment: mixers, effects, amps, etc.¬†Working on the RADIO combined all these aspects of my passion and appeared naturally in my life. I love presenting new bands and there music but generally I’m more a “behind the scene guy” working with equipment, radio production, as a music programmer and many other things that you do not normally hear or see but are¬†indispensable. I always enjoy the whole process of building a new studio – and I have build a quite a few studios in my life! I work with both analog and digital set up’s. If you have any question please contact me!

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